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Chronology of Events.


➡️ FTC Hits the “Jackpot”: Announces Enforcement Actions Against Phony Prize Promotions and a Recovery Room | Federal Trade Commission


➡️ Evidence Mounts Against Former Amaya Boss David Baazov (

➡️ Einhorn Buys 3.9m Amaya Shares; Baazov Kickbacks Exposed (

➡️ AMF Releases a Report on Alleged Insider Trading and Kickbacks at Amaya Gaming (

➡️ Quebec AMF accuses David Baazov of being part of a sophisticated insider trading network (

➡️ Matter of Amaya inc. – AMF files 23 charges against three individuals and three companies | AMF (

➡️ Quebec ups ante in Amaya case –

➡️ One person to be dropped from allegations of insider trading with ex-Amaya CEO |

➡️ Independent tribunal hears Baazov insider trading charges (

➡️ Baazov charges rock Amaya Inc share price & trading outlook (

➡️ Goldenway to Step Up and Rescue Baazov Amaya Bid (

➡️ Allegations of illegal insider trading – AMF executes search warrants and obtains orders against 13 individuals | AMF (

➡️ CEO of online gaming company Amaya faces charges of market manipulation – Montreal |

➡️ Amaya CEO, David Baazov, Accused of Insider Trading – PokerTube

➡️ Amaya Gaming CEO David Baazov Is Charged with Insider Trading (

➡️ L’AMF poursuit le PDG d’Amaya au pénal | Conseiller

➡️ AMF Says Securities Fraud Probe Pre-Dates Amaya’s PokerStars Acquisition, Baazov Brother Implicated by Regulator (

➡️ David Baazov Charges Date Back Five Years (

➡️ Les proches du PDG d’Amaya auraient empoché 1,5 M$ | Conseiller

➡️ David Baazov officially resigns as Chief Executive of Amaya Inc (

➡️ Former CEO David Baazov Resigns from All Positions at Amaya Gaming (


➡️ David Baazov’s Brother, Josh Baazov, Appears to be at the Center of Amaya’s Insider Trading Charges (

➡️ David Baazov Trial Date Set – PokerTube

➡️ Nouvelles allégations contre David Baazov | Conseiller

➡️ David Baazov Gone for Good – PokerTube

➡️ David Baazov’s Amaya Shareholder Status Questioned by Quebec’s AMF (

➡️ Dubai investor accuses ex-Amaya CEO David Baazov of fraud – iGaming Radio

➡️ Ex-Amaya CEO David Baazov Facing Charity Embezzlement Charges in Africa – PokerTube

➡️ Trial against Baazov continues – iGaming Radio


➡️ David Baazov Allegedly Hid Brother’s Shareholdings – PokerTube

➡️ David Baazov Trial Date Set For December 11th – PokerTube

➡️ David Baazov Requests Dismissal of Insider Trading Charges – PokerTube


➡️ Casino de Wôlinak: le passé des investisseurs fait réagir –

➡️ The Baazov Brothers: Crime Without Punishment

➡️ The Baazov Brothers: Crime Without Punishment

➡️ In Aftermath Of Baazov’s Acquittal For Insider Trading, Has Online Poker Grown Too Big To Regulate?